Aurium Model No. 400

Aurium™ Electronic Labeling (IFU)
  • Optic: Full symmetric bioconvex
  • Material: Photochromic hydrophobic acrylic
  • Range: 0.0 to +30.0 Diopters
  • Haptic: PVDF Modified C
  • A Constant 118.5 (estimated)
  • IOL Master: 119.2 (calculated)
  • Refractive Index (@25 C): 1.56
  • Anterior Chamber Depth: 5 mm

Unique and Safe Design

  • The color change to yellow takes about 10 seconds and becomes colorless in about 30 seconds.
  • In it's activated state Aurium blocks about 50% of both violet and blue light.
  • The photochromic property of Aurium exceeds the ISO standard of 20 years of hydrolytic stability and photostability.

Aurium turns yellow in the presence of UV light (sunlight) to provide blue blocking protection.

In the absence of UV light (sunlight) Aurium is clear and colorless.

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