MPL 200 correction of high hyperopia

MPL™ Electronic Labeling (IFU)
MPL™ Product Brochure
  • One piece
  • Optic from Ø 4.5 mm
  • MPL - total Ø = 10.6 mm
  • Convex - concave
  • Width - 6 mm
  • Powers from +3D to +15D by 0.5D
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Unique and Safe Design

  • Implantation between iris and crystalline.
  • Natural and precise self-centration by iris.
  • The posterior surface of the lens is designed to conform to the shape of the anterior capsule of the natural lens and to move with dynamic changes of the eye.
  • Spherical and very flexible haptics.
  • Lens is not fixated to the ciliary sulcus.
  • Lens dimensions, shape and material properties enable “floating” on the natural lens without touching it.
  • A layer of aqueous surrounds the MPL, avoiding contact to the crystalline lens and the pigment epithelium of the iris.
  • Overall diameter smaller than sulcus to sulcus distance avoiding compression of intraocular structures.


Monobloc Silicone Polymer

  • Hydrophobic silicone material enables to float over the crystalline.
  • High refractive Index 1.46


Optimized Design Features

  • Rounded edges throughout its entire contour.
  • Maximized optic sizing as large as Ø4.50 mm.
  • 50% thinner edges (0.1mm) securing the presence of a gap while improving buoyancy.
  • Full spread of powers from +3.0 D up to +15.0 D in 0.5 increments.


Your Choice of Implantation

  • With forceps : 3.2 mm incision.
  • With injector Opthec OD660 -2.4 : 2.4 mm incision.
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