MPL 100 & 101 correction of high myopia

MPL™ Electronic Labeling (IFU)
MPL™ Product Brochure
  One piece
  Optic from Ø 6.00mm to 4.25mm
  MPL - 100 total Ø = 10.8 mm
  MPL - 101 total Ø = 11.3 mm
  Width - 6 mm
  Powers from -3D to -28D by 0.5D
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Unique and Safe Design

  • Implantation between iris and crystalline.
  • Natural and precise self-centration by iris.
  • The posterior surface of the lens is designed to conform to the shape of the anterior capsule of the natural lens and to move with dynamic changes of the eye.
  • Spherical and very flexible haptics.
  • Lens is not fixated to the ciliary sulcus.
  • Lens dimensions, shape and material properties enable “floating” on the natural lens without touching it.
  • A layer of aqueous surrounds the MPL, avoiding contact to the crystalline lens and the pigment epithelium of the iris.
  • Overall diameter smaller than sulcus to sulcus distance avoiding compression of intraocular structures.


Monobloc Silicone Polymer

  • Hydrophobic silicone material enables to float over the crystalline.
  • High refractive Index 1.46


Optimized Design Features

  • Rounded edges throughout its entire contour.
  • Maximized optic sizing as large as 6.0mm for powers up to -15.0 diopters.
  • 50% thinner edges (0.1mm) securing the presence of a gap while improving buoyancy.
  • Full spread of powers between -3.0 diopters up to -28.0 in 0.5 increments. By adopting ISO labeling methodology the incremental values were redefined to more accurate levels providing users with smaller increments of refinement between available powers translating into even more accurate final results


Your Choice of Implantation

  • With forceps : 3.2 mm incision.
  • With injector Opthec OD660 -2.4 : 2.4 mm incision.
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