Matrix Acrylic Model 401

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Matrix Acrylic is the newest technology available in acrylic lens design. This unique foldable, hydrophobic lens combines exceptional material and design properties to achieve truly innovative results.


  Unique foldable hydrophobic acrylic material.
Single monomer formulation developed to be biostable.
High index of refraction.


  Highest tensile strength designed to resist optic damage during folding and insertion.
Polyvinylidene (PDVF) haptics chosen for their supperior memory and compressibility, designed to ensure complete shape recovery.


Diameter: 6.0 mm optic   Haptic: PVDF - Modified C
Material: Hydrophobic acrylic   A Constant: 118.5
Range: 0.0 to +30.0 Diopters   Refractive Index (@25 C): 1.56

Proven Design Properties


Symmetric biconvex optic designed to:
  Minimize cosmetically undesirable external reflection in the pupil.
Minimize internally reflected glare.
Provide consistent lens geometry across all diopters, maximizing refractive predictability.


Full optic design:
  No redundant outer ring to reduce effective optic zone.
Fully functional 6 mm optic.


Sharp Edge designed to:
  Reduce potential for lens epithelial cell migration onto posterior capsule.



  Polyvinylidene (PVDF) haptics to eliminate capsule folds and enhance stability.
5 angulation designed to provide early and effective optic/capsule contact thereby minimizing migration of lens epithelial cells to the posterior capsule.

Matrix Acrylic — offering all the advantages of other hydrophobic acrylic lenses, with none of the compromises.

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