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If you suffer from the dryness, burning, itching, or excessive tearing caused by dry eye; effective long-term relief is now available withoutthe inconvenience and expense of daily eye drops or ointments.

SmartPLUG from Medennium is an innovative device used to occlude the "punctum" or tear duct, and conserve the eye's natural tears. SmartPLUG is designed to fit a range of punctum sizes. Made of a flexible thermosensitive acrylic material, SmartPLUG adjusts to the exact shape and size of the punctum.

How SmartPLUG is designed to work:

  Your eye care professional gently places SmartPLUG into the punctum.
Inside the punctum, the plug shrinks in length and expands in width, adjusting itself to fit the punctum.
Once in place, SmartPLUG becomes a virtually undetectable, soft gel.
The innovative design and material of SmartPLUG minimizes irritation to sensitive tissues.
SmartPLUG cannot be rubbed out. (Your eye care professional may remove it by irrigating your tear duct with a saline solution.)
  Inserting SmartPLUG is a simple process that takes just minutes, yet SmartPLUG is designed to provide long lasting relief of dry eye symptoms.


SmartPLUG —Restoring Comfort to Dry Eye Sufferers.

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