Clinical Publication

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4 First Photochromic Intraocular Lens (Matrix Acrylic™ Aurium)-One Year Experience in Humans: A Comparative Study vs. AcrySof IQ Natural under Progressive Illumination Levels and in Presence or Absence of Sun (UV) Light, David Mendez, MD, Abstract and PowerPoint presentation at ESCRS, Stockholm, 2007.

5 Matrix Aurium-the First IOL with UV and Blue-Violet Absorption that Shows Photochromic Properties, Preliminary Results, Bordeianu, CD, MD, A PowerPoint presentation.

6 Lentes Intraoculares Fotocromaticos, Rodolfo Weskamp Irigoyen, MD, Juan Ignacio Irungaray MD, Maria Laura Nuzzolese MD, Cecilia Giorgis, MD, Abstract for XXVII Pan-American Congress of Ophthalmology, Cancun, Mexico, 2007.

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15 Suhas Haldipurkar MD, “Visual and Refractive Outcome in Eyes with Photochromatic IOL”, PowerPoint Presentation, 2011 Laxmi Eye Institute. 

MPL™ Publications

1 Dementiev D, “The Appeal of Phakic Implants”, Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today Europe March 2011, pp. 60-64. 

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