Dry Eye Syndrom

What is dry eye syndrome ?

Dry eye syndrome (Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca) is the result of an inflammatory process affecting both the lacrimal gland (the gland that produces tears) and the surface of the eye. As a result, people who suffer from dry eye syndrome have either reduced tear production or excessive tear drainage. This causes discomfort and can damage the surface of the eye. Symptoms may include dryness, stinging, burning, itching, scratchiness, excessive tearing, blurry vision, and sensitivity to light.

More than 10 million people in the U.S.A. suffer from moderate to severe dry eye syndrome, and an estimated 15 to 20 million have a milder form of the condition. Nearly 5 million people are unable to wear contact lenses because of dry eye.

Who is at risk?

Dry eye can affect men and women of any age. At particular risk are those who:

  • Wear contact lenses
  • Are on specific types of medication
  • Have suffered external eye diseases
  • Computer Users
  • Have Scleroderma
  • Are pregnant
  • Are post menopausal
  • Have Sjogren’s syndrome
  • Have had PRK or LASIK

What are the treatments?

Although there is currently no cure for dry eye, treatments include:

  • Lubricating eye drops
  • Ointments
  • Which are Medications that must be administered on a daily basis
  • Punctum Plugs
  • Cautery

A new solution

An alternative solution is to occlude the “punctum,” or tear duct, in order to conserve tears. SmartPLUG® from Medennium is the first flexible thermodynamic punctum plug designed to fit and stay in a range of punctum sizes. It is designed to increase tear retention and alleviate dry eye symptoms while providing maximum patient comfort. SmartPLUG® is intended to be a long-term solution that will decrease or eliminate dry eye symptoms and restore comfortable vision.

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