Matrix Acrylic IOL

A New Peak in Acrylic Lens Technology

Matrix Acrylic Model 403


Matrix Acrylic is the newest technology available in acrylic lens design. This unique foldable, hydrophobic lens combines exceptional material and design properties to achieve truly innovative results.

Diameter: 6.0 mm optic

Material: Hydrophobic acrylic

Range: 0.0 to +34.0 Diopters

Anterior Chamber Depth:5.0 mm

Haptic: Acrylic Modified L

A Constant: 118.4(estimated)   

Refractive Index (@25 C): 1.56


Full Symmetric biconvex aspheric optic designed to:

Full optic design:

Sharp Edge designed to:


Matrix Acrylic — offering all the advantages of other hydrophobic acrylic lenses, with none of the compromises.

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